Exterior Dining Table


Commissioned for the deck of a yacht, this 6.5-foot (2-metre) long, exterior dining table is finished with black gloss lacquer and mirror-polished stainless steel. It’s design is remarkably simple, and is definitely a case of form follows function.

Firstly, a large Lazy Susan – or circular turntable – means dinner guests are able to serve themselves during Chinese banquets, creating an informal atmosphere without the need for any intrusion by crew members.

Secondly, a raised edge rail prevents any sliding objects from falling off the table when the yacht is out at sea, ensuring the table is immensely practical as well as aesthetically pleasing.

By day, its lustrous black finish acts as a silhouette against the reflective white surface of the yacht aft deck; and by night, it disappears in the darkness as if by magic.

Sometimes simplicity in design can deliver function - and a little magic

Mark Boddington